Monday, October 15, 2007

As featured at Semi-Permanent ...

Please find here some colours, shapes and emotional turmoil all juxtaposed against the backdrop of an unforgiving consumerist driven society.

Or some pretty pixels, depends on your point of view I suspect.

To explain, I recently mistook myself for an artist and submitted some work to a publication in melbourne. I spliced together some collective thoughts over a weekend and then post-rationalised it as all good tortured geniuses do.

The concept was to represent three emotional states; love, truth and honesty. I was wondering why I'd chosen those themes until the song on the radio finished and the DJ said 'That was bananarama with the song 'Love, truth and honesty'. Man, the eighties are so inspirational.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the results ... And thanks to Kimberly Batchelor who drew the lovely flowers in the white background piece (it needed a feminine touch to validate the 'love' aspect. I haven't felt anything close to love since 1984 when my teacher Miss Jones whacked me with a ruler and I felt strangely happy).

Opps, I shared too much. Enjoy!

Christian Teniswood

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